Creative Christians

Voice Talent | Monte Reid (Part 1)

April 26, 2022 Tim Ristow Season 1 Episode 2
Creative Christians
Voice Talent | Monte Reid (Part 1)
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In this episode, host Tim Ristow talks with his friend and voice talent Monte Reid from Sweden.  Monte has recorded his voice for thousands of film trailers, documentaries and productions.  He's also an actor, singer, writer and former youth minister.  Get to know Monte, including how he and Tim first met; hear stories from some of Monte's voiceover career and a sample of his voice work; hear a wonderful story about how Monte met his wife, Marica; learn how he went from Texas to Colorado and ultimately ended up in Sweden;  hear about one of Monte's first acting gigs; Monte also discusses his process for working, some of the unique audio gear he uses for voice work and the importance of his Christian faith being an integral part of decision making in his work life.  Part one of a two-part episode.

Introduction & Welcome
Background & How I Met Monte
Part 1 Overview
Texas & Colorado
Monte & Marica
Singing in Colorado
Sweden Bound
Youth Ministry
Sabbatical & Voice Work
Voice Talent
Monte's Process
Monte's Gear
Memorable Projects
Faith in Work
Tim's Reflections
Part 2 Tease
Outro & Credits